eLearning Bundles

Quality training at affordable prices


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Pick & Mix

If purchasing a small number of courses, your best option is to pick these out individually on the Skills Platform

Mandatory Training Bundles

If you're looking for multiple courses around frameworks such as the Care Certificate, then try our bundles

Small Employer Package

This offers the best value if booking for your entire organisation such as a small GP practice or care home.

Benefits of eLearning

The first customer benefit

Cost Effective

"Flexible eLearning is key to reducing the need for day release and cutting down face to face training costs" - Janine Smith Business Manager
NHS Ealing

The second customer benefit

Flexible Learning

Skills for Health eLearning can be accessed 24/7 on any device including work computers, tablets and smart phones

The third customer benefit


eLearning helps organisations to deliver consistent and flexible training whilst keeping track of who has been trained and to what level.

    Care     Certificate


  • Price per person
  • 16 courses
  • From £3.13 per course
  • Care Certificate aligned
  • 1 year access

Mandatory eLearning


  • Price per person
  • 19 courses
  • From £2.63 per course
  • Core Skills Training Framework-aligned
  • 1 year access

Unlimited eLearning


  • Price per person
  • 45+ courses
  • From £1.67 per course
  • Care Certificate & CSTF-aligned
  • 1 year access

Small Employer Package


  • 25 staff members
  • 45+ courses
  • From 97p per course
  • Care Certificate & CSTF-aligned
  • 1 year access